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The state of childcare in Southwest Iowa

America’s childcare crisis has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic. Rising costs and worker shortages make it difficult for childcare providers to stay open. According to federal labor data, childcare employment […]

Jul 11th, 2023   Southwest Iowa, Stories

Amateur fishing takes off across Southwest Iowa

Now that we’ve reached the month of April, trees are sprouting green buds, weather is warming up, and lakes in Southwest Iowa are thawing out and ready for fishing. Over […]

Apr 18th, 2023   Southwest Iowa, Stories

Is Omaha Pedestrian, Bike Friendly? With Better Infrastructure, It Could Be

Key Points Local nonprofits continue to advocate for safer, better connected biking and walking options throughout the metro. A dedicated bike lane is being tested to great success on Harney […]

May 25th, 2022   Landscape Stories, Nonprofits, Stories

New Mental Health Initiative Focuses on Cultural Competence for Immigrants and Refugees

Accessing mental health services is one thing—finding care that’s culturally competent is another. Some immigrants and refugees may have limited access to services because of language barriers while others may […]

May 13th, 2022   COVID-19, Landscape Stories, Stories

Omaha Nonprofit Helps Seniors with Home Repairs

Virginia lives in an older home with a steep, narrow staircase to the basement laundry room. After falling several times and breaking her wrist once, she put an old wooden […]

May 13th, 2022   COVID-19, Landscape Stories, Stories

Over 70 Omaha Women Get Help Finding Jobs, Child Care

For moms, getting a new job can be stressful under normal circumstances. Add in a pandemic with quarantines, shrinking employment opportunities, shifting school schedules, a lack of child care, and […]

May 13th, 2022   COVID-19, Stories

Nonprofits Push for More Equity in Omaha Transportation

Key Points The most equitable transportation systems offer multiple options for transit and are designed for everyone in a community. Cars are overused and local spending on public transit is […]

Apr 18th, 2022   Landscape Stories, Stories

Mark Weber is Challenging Legacy Expectations

“Challenge accepted.” Those words immediately popped into Mark Weber’s mind when business magnate and investor Warren Buffett challenged the group of Omaha philanthropists to help make their community the most […]

Mar 15th, 2022   Advisors, Philanthropy, Stories

The Jacobsen Family: Philanthropy is in Their Hearts

 Dean and Maria Jacobsen recently sat down to reflect on their family’s involvement with the Omaha Community Foundation. The life-long Omaha residents shared their giving journey and how the […]

Dec 16th, 2021   Donors, Philanthropy, Stories

Welcoming Afghans to Omaha, Resettlement Agencies Address Urgent, Long-Term Needs

Key Points 850 Afghans have resettled in Nebraska as humanitarian paroles with an anticipated 900 more coming by February 2022.  Since 2016, Nebraska has resettled more people per capita than […]

Dec 14th, 2021   Philanthropy, Stories

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