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The Fund for Omaha is the Omaha Community Foundation’s largest competitive grant program. The Fund is designed to help nonprofits address community needs and to support effective solutions. It also serves as one way the Omaha Community Foundation stays current with community and nonprofit needs.

We will not be holding a Spring 2015 grant cycle for the Fund for Omaha. However, we will distribute the full amount of funds later in 2015. The Foundation is currently refining our grant process to better meet the needs of our local nonprofits. Please check back in mid-June for more information on the Fall 2015 grant cycle.


Eligible applicants are those defined as public, tax-exempt organizations by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that provide services in the Omaha metropolitan area. This organization’s governing board must approve applications prior to submission. In addition, if awarded a Fund for Omaha grant, an organization is not eligible to receive funding the next grant cycle, but instead, must skip a cycle to reapply.

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There will not be a Spring 2015 grant cycle. Please check back in mid-June for information on the Fall 2015 cycle.

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