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Our philosophy with the Fund for Omaha is to expand our knowledge of the community’s needs and the nonprofits serving the community.  We believe our place in the larger philanthropic environment is as a connector. Leveraging smaller grants to reach as far as possible in the nonprofit community helps us connect to as many people and organizations as possible. Areas of importance:

  • Strong understanding of the needs being addressed
  • Connection within the community (collaboration or leveraged resources)
  • Emphasis on learning and adapting as dynamics change
  • Commitment to work towards data-driven decision making
  • Exploration of creative solutions grounded in sustainable practices


Eligibility:  Eligible applicants are those defined as public, tax-exempt organizations by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that provide services in the Omaha metropolitan area (Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie counties).

Award Size:  Grants will be between $5,000 and $25,000

Budget Size:  Proposals will be divided into two categories based on the budget size of the applicant organization, small ($500,000 and under) and large (over $500,000), allowing organization applications to be reviewed with similar sized peers.

If awarded a Fund for Omaha grant, an organization is not eligible to receive funding the next grant cycle.


Organizational Strength

  • Strong board and executive leadership
  • Financial integrity

Understanding of Needs

  • Clearly defined need and identification of affected population
  • Clarity of strategy to address need

Strength of Strategy

  • Evidence of proven methods or promising strategies
  • Integrated learning and adaptability
  • Measuring outcomes to show results

Connection to OCF Work

  • Broad base of FFO support across the community (service area + geography)
  • Alignment to OCF resources

Resource Management

  • Collaboration: How is the nonprofit coordinating with other programs, nonprofits, or community work to make their program as effective as possible?
  • Leverage: Is the program leveraging other resources to make their program go further? How will this grant be used to leverage other resources?

Growth Potential

  • Innovation: Is this nonprofit pursuing promising work that may be more challenging to fund from traditional sources?
  • Sustainability: If they’re taking a risk, is it grounded in sustainable practices?

Capacity Building

  • Will this funding lead to more capacity for the nonprofit to fulfill its mission?


Information on the next Fund for Omaha grant cycle will be available in December, 2015.

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