Doing the most good for our community

Having a great community doesn’t just happen. It requires the efforts of many – each bringing their own unique talents, insights, strengths, abilities and willingness to make a difference. Helping people to do the most good in our community is what the Omaha Community Foundation does best and it begins by understanding the needs in our community, the nonprofit resources available to address these needs and the areas where additional resources are needed.

That’s also why we do all we can to connect with the organizations, individuals and groups that make up Omaha’s nonprofit community. And we do all we can to provide opportunities for you to access available funding and keep us current with your own efforts. With the Omaha Community Foundation, you’re able to:


The Omaha Community Foundation requires an evaluation form for grants made through our discretionary grant programs. The form can be accessed through your online grant portal account.
If you are unable to access your account, please contact Katrina or Anne at 402-342-3458 or email

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