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Omaha Venture Group

Emerging philanthropists engaging in venture giving

The Omaha Venture Group (OVG) is a giving circle facilitated by the Foundation whose members pool their charitable resources and learn about venture philanthropy. Founded in 2002, over 100 local nonprofits have received funds through OVG since its inception.

How It Works

The OVG season kicks off beginning in early January, when members begin their introduction to philanthropy and leadership development with monthly education opportunities. In Spring, members discuss how their pooled funds can be allocated most effectively and reviewing nonprofit grant applications. At the end of spring, chosen nonprofits are awarded their grants during the celebratory Grant Night. The season ends late autumn with recruiting events and membership sign-ups. 

OVG utilizes a venture philanthropy model and is looking to support nonprofits with fledging initiatives across the Omaha region. A total of four grants are awarded every year in the four interest areas of Arts and Culture, Education and Workforce, Health, and Neighborhoods, Civic Engagement and Safety.

nonprofit grant application details 

Member Fees and Benefits

Full membership at the Grantmaking Member level is $400, which is tax-deductible. Benefits include:

  • Vote on funding recommendations
  • Monthly social and education events
  • Network with other young professionals who are passionate about philanthropy
  • Connect with small and emerging nonprofits to learn about their work in greater Omaha
  • Learn what it takes to be a great philanthropist, such as attending site visits and reviewing grant applications
  • An invitation to celebrate at OVG’s Grant Night with grant recipients and fellow OVG members
  • Opportunity for volunteer leadership positions on an annual basis


Subscribing Membership

If you are interested in participating but are not ready for the full commitment, please consider joining as a Subscribing Member for $200 ($100 tax-deductible). Subscribing Members receive all the benefits of a full Grantmaking Member except for the ability to vote on funding recommendations. The ability to be a Subscribing Member last for one grant-making season.

*The Subscribing Membership is available to spouses of full Grantmaking Members indefinitely.


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Questions? We’re here to help.
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