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Building Healthy Futures Fund

Keeping kids healthy and ready to learn

Childhood healthcare can play a major role in overall health, academic achievement, and economic stability throughout their lifetime.

The Building Healthy Futures grant program supports learning for school-age youth by improving access to quality healthcare.

This grant program supports the following focus areas:

  • Health Access: Programming and advocacy efforts that ensure every child has access to needed and adequate primary, vision, dental, and hearing care.
  • Mental Health: Programming that promotes protective factors around mental health risks, ensures equitable access to mental health treatment services, and supports the normalization of self-care and mental health care.

Investment decisions are made for organizations or projects with the following considerations:

  • Innovative efforts to provide health support for school-age youth who have limited access
  • Connection to a health need or gap in service for school-age youth
  • Addresses a healthcare issue at a systems level
  • Thoughtful collaboration with partners to realize impact

Application Details

Award Size: $50,000 minimum for programmatic support

Applications are accepted annually July 1 – August 1. Awards are announced via email by October 31.

Grants are awarded yearly, with the opportunity to consider multi-year requests based on the nature and impact of the grant request.

Applications must be submitted electronically via the online grant portal.

Eligibility and Award Requirements

  • Public, tax-exempt organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, OR working with a 501(c)(3) fiscal agent who can receive funds on your behalf
  • Must provide services to Omaha Public Schools students and/or their families. Services do not necessarily need to occur within Omaha Public Schools’ buildings.
  • Applicants’ policies and practices must be in alignment with the following non-discrimination clause: The applicant organization does not discriminate in hiring practices or service provision to clients and/or customers based on race, ethnicity, religious preference, age, [mental, emotional, or physical] ability/disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service, or gender.
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Laura Contreras

Program Manager

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