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Equity and Inclusion

Strong and connected communities provide opportunity for all

At the Foundation, we see it as a fundamental human right and a sign of a healthy community for there to be equal opportunity for all. We are a stronger and more connected community when we embrace diversity.

In Our Community

We believe that equity and inclusion are the best ways to appreciate the humanity of our community—and making a commitment to these principles is the only way to make genuine and sustained impact together.

This understanding drives our investments and efforts in making our community a more equitable and inclusive place for all residents. We are continually working to understand how inequities and barriers to opportunity affect our friends, family, and neighbors.

In Our Organization

In order to live these values authentically, we recognize the need to do some deep self-examination within ourselves. We are in an ongoing process of growth as an organization—one that starts from within and works its way outward. We believe this work is fundamental to our ability to authentically access the potential and cultural vibrancy of our community.

Our mission is to inspire philanthropy to create a thriving community for all. We see plenty of room for our own organization to grow around equity and inclusion, and we’re committed to this journey for the long haul.

Join the Giving

You can help us strengthen our community, and we can help you make your giving more effective. Be a part of the good we’re growing by contributing to one of our funds or opening your own philanthropic fund.