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Our dedicated professionals are friends, neighbors, and leaders

More than specialists in their fields, the people who work at the Omaha Community Foundation are active participants in our community—as parents, volunteers, neighbors, and enthusiasts of all sorts. As philanthropic professionals, they are devoted to learning more about our neighborhoods, activities, needs, and organizations so they can better serve the donors and nonprofits who rely on us.

President’s Office

Donna Kush

President & CEO

More about Donna

Donna is a Nebraska native who grew up in Monroe, a rural town with only 350 people. She's proud of the values of humility, hard work, and gratitude that her small-town roots instilled in her. She loves working for the Foundation because of Omaha's generous and engaged philanthropic community — and it thrills her to be a part of creating positive community impact here. One of Donna's favorite local spots is Lake Zorinsky where she can easily be spotted on her runs; just look for her two (large four-legged) running partners, Macy and Stella.

Donna has been with the Foundation since 2020

Emily Meyers

Administrative Coordinator

Donor Services

Kelli Cavey

Vice President of Donor Services

More about Kelli

As Vice President of Donor Services, Kelli leads our Donor Services team, helping donors establish charitable funds to support nonprofits, now and over time. She partners with financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants to develop and implement charitable giving strategies. As a former estate planning attorney, Kelli enjoys working with donors and their attorneys to plan meaningful and impactful charitable legacies.

Kelli has been with the Foundation since 2018

Wynter Davis

Donor Services Advisor

More about Wynter

If you're considering establishing a scholarship fund, Wynter is who you'll want to reach out to. She knows the best practices for scholarship funds from setting criteria to connecting donors to high schools, universities, and school districts. Additionally, she co-leads Omaha Venture Group, our giving circle, and the Impact Investing program, which makes impact investments structured as affordable loans to local nonprofits, focused on assisting small, local business owners in underserved communities.

Wynter has been with the Foundation since 2021

Eyerusalem Gehringer

Process & Database Administrator

More about Eyerusalem

As a Process & Database Administrator, Eyerusalem analyzes and proposes ways to enhance our organization’s structure and efficiency, particularly concerning the care and cultivation of our fundholder relationships. She also plays a significant role in the creation and support of growing initiatives like Omaha Venture Group, family foundations, Impact Investing, and community grants.

Eyerusalem has been with the Foundation since 2021

Nathan Morgan

Donor Services Advisor

More about Nathan

As a Donor Services Advisor, Nathan works with individual donors as well as nonprofit organizations that are interested in opening an agency-endowed fund. He brings over 30 years of experience in the nonprofit world to OCF. With his extensive nonprofit background, Nathan helps donors understand the impact of their philanthropy.

Nathan has been with the Foundation since 2021

Olivia Reed

Donor Services Advisor

Katie Vogel

Donor Services Senior Advisor

Philanthropic Services

Vanessa Denney

Director of Philanthropic Services

More about Vanessa

As the Director of Philanthropic Services, Vanessa leads our work with family and private foundations in need of operations and management support for giving and grantmaking. Her team can help set giving priorities, plan meetings, provide nonprofit knowledge, and more.

Vanessa has been with the Foundation since 2020

Tessa Barney

Philanthropic Services Senior Advisor

More about Tessa

As a Senior Advisor, Tessa works closely with family and private foundations in need of operations and management support for giving and grantmaking. She provides outstanding service to OCF clients and partners, allowing them to focus on their passions while our team takes care of foundation administration and operations, grantmaking and nonprofit relations, and philanthropic consulting.

Tessa has been with the Foundation since 2022

Sydney Calcagno

Philanthropic Services Advisor

Community Investment

Anne Meysenburg

Director of Community Investment

More about Anne

Anne was drawn to OCF because of its vision for impacting the community in a different way—it was about harnessing the exceptional generosity of so many in our community to provide opportunity for all. The endless supply of frozen York's Peppermint Patties that are available in the staff break room may have drawn her here, too.

Anne has been with the Foundation since 2015

Laura Contreras

Senior Program Manager

More about Laura

As a Program Manager, Laura oversees the grant processes for the Fund for Omaha, Field of Interest Funds, and the Building Healthy Futures Fund. She's also played a key role in special projects like the City of Omaha ARPA Community Grant Program.

Laura has been with the Foundation since 2021

Dasia Horne

Senior Program Manager

More about Dasia

As a Senior Program Manager, Dasia oversees the grant processes for our five Community Interest Funds — the African American Unity Fund, Futuro Latino Fund, LGBTQIA2S+ Equality Fund, Refugee Community Grant Fund, and Omaha Neighborhood Grants. She also manages our Nonprofit Capacity Building Program, which supports nonprofit leaders of color in our community.

Dasia has been with the Foundation since 2023

Kelly Nielsen

Director of Omaha Pathways Community HUB

Krystal Fox

Operations Manager, Omaha Pathways Community HUB

Marketing & Communications

Megan Stubenhofer-Barrett

Director of Marketing & Communications

More about Megan

Megan is passionate about sharing compelling stories—having worked across newspapers and government communications. Though much of her free time is claimed by her children’s activities—she’s a Scout leader, band parent, and volleyball cheering section—whenever possible, you’ll find her outside exploring nature or taking a long evening walk. She also loves a good book, a good meal, and a very large cup of coffee.

Megan has been with the Foundation since 2022

Ally Karsyn

Content Manager

More about Ally

As a Content Manager, Ally leads efforts to elevate and maintain brand standards through print and digital content creation, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for donors, nonprofits, advisors, and community partners. As a former journalist, she is a multimedia storyteller, passionate about creating written and visual content to build community, deepen understanding, and share what matters most.

Ally has been with the Foundation since 2020

Molly Mullen

Content Manager

Finance & Operations

Melisa Sunde

Chief Financial Officer

More about Melisa

Omaha has always felt like a big, small town to Melisa; she loves that there is always something to do on the weekends and all the local restaurants there are to choose from. A true Midwesterner, Melisa can drive a tractor and is a super-fan of her alma mater's football team; she has only missed six Iowa State games since 2000.

Melisa has been with the Foundation since 2007

Nicole Murry

Director of Human Resources & Administration

More about Nicole

Born and raised in Omaha, Nicole can’t imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She’s passionate about creating opportunities and supporting the next generation. In her free time, she likes walking or biking on Omaha’s many trails, taking time to reflect and enjoy nature. Favorite meal? Anything with queso.

Nicole has been with the Foundation since 2022

Beckie Brabec


More about Beckie

Beckie loves that Omaha-Council Bluffs is working to improve in all aspects of community life. It isn’t easy, but watching the effort being made is worth it. Personally, she's committed to supporting children, animal rights, and the theater. Her daughter introduced her to the theatre years ago, and now she’s hooked on attending as many shows as possible. She particularly loves the many small community theaters throughout Omaha.

Beckie has been with the Foundation since 2006

Diane Darrington

Grants Manager

More about Diane

Diane’s philanthropic interests are mostly directed towards those who cannot help themselves, especially animals. She loves the feeling of helping others through her work—and that there is something to smile about every day at OCF. Omaha-Council Bluffs has always felt like home to her; she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Diane has been with the Foundation since 2001

Yvette Franks

Accounting Manager

More about Yvette

Yvette loves to support nonprofits that lean toward children, animals, and cancer organizations. Yvette appreciates that our community is quieter and less hectic than a typical big city. She and her family enjoy going for bike rides on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail in Council Bluffs.

Yvette has been with the Foundation since 2013

Kristin McKenzie

Accounting Associate II

More about Kristin

Kristin brings a wealth of accounting knowledge to OCF with experience in the public sector, nonprofits, and small businesses. In looking for a new accounting role, it was important she found a place where her talents were helping make her community better. Omaha has always been home and Kristin loves walking just about anywhere in town and maybe stopping at a new coffee shop along the way.

Kristin has been with the Foundation since 2021

Jody Skinner

Accounting Coordinator

More about Jody

Jody has always worked in accounting, most recently at a tractor dealership in Ocala, Florida. Yes, she's a lifelong Floridian now living in Nebraska. She loves to read when has a moment to herself. Most of her time is spent with her family, and they enjoy watching movies and going to concerts. They’re also foodies and looking forward to exploring Omaha’s restaurant scene.

Jody has been with the Foundation since 2022

Michelle Swanger


More about Michelle

Michelle has loved accounting since high school and followed her passion. She sees her fascination with numbers as a constant challenge in an ever-growing field. This comes through in her hobbies, too. Michelle is a quilter, which requires measurements and math. Getting together with friends to laugh and sew is an added bonus.

Michelle has been with the Foundation since 2022

Community Foundations of Southwest Iowa

Sunni Kamp

Southwest Iowa Foundations Director

More about Sunni

Sunni has been instrumental in leading the Southwest Iowa Foundations' grantmaking and fundraising efforts, as well as the State of Iowa County Endowment Fund Program for nine counties. Her dedication and passion for serving the people of Iowa have been evident throughout her career. With previous experience leading the Story County Community Foundation in Ames, Iowa, she uses her expertise to build relationships and help others make an impact in the communities they call home.

Sunni has been with the Foundation since 2021

Sarah Beth Ray

Southwest Iowa Foundations Advisor

More about Sarah Beth

As the Southwest Iowa Foundations Advisor, Sarah Beth leads the grantmaking programs and provides philanthropic tools and services to fundholders, nonprofits, family foundations, and professional advisors in nine counties.

Sarah Beth has been with the Foundation since 2024

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