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Community Investment Strategy

Together, intentionally affecting change

We developed a Community Investment Strategy with powerful investment opportunities that fit a variety of interests and focus areas. All of its investment options are informed and guided by knowledge gained through The Landscape with an intentional vision of making the Omaha-Council Bluffs metro a place for all to thrive.

From the broad social issues facing our community to the difficult hurdles individuals are forced to overcome every day, we’ve been studying and listening to our fellow residents. Our findings serve as the backbone to the Community Investment Strategy, which allows us to work across multiple areas to make a significant impact for good.

Let Good Grow Fund

The Let Good Grow Fund supports the Omaha Community Foundation’s leadership role in knowing the community and cultivating opportunity so that everyone can thrive and succeed here. As the broadest investment opportunity we offer, people who give to this fund help pave the way for future donors and future generations through a network of knowledge and programs at the Foundation.


Fund for Omaha

Our largest grant program, the Fund for Omaha is about listening, learning, and responding to what’s happening in our community. We’ve identified six key areas of strategic investment for this committee-led process. Our committee is comprised of knowledgeable leaders established in the local network of giving and philanthropy.

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Community Interest Funds

These five grant programs were created to achieve greater racial and economic equity and are led by residents from the communities being served. Through Community Interest Funds, the committee members’ individual experiences provide a nuanced understanding of needs and facilitate targeted investments in local nonprofits. These programs are funded by a partnership between the Foundation and several other local foundations.

Community Investment Guide

The Community Investment Guide gives savvy fundholders a spectrum of choices based on their philanthropic goals. We can help design a philanthropic plan, informed by our extensive community-driven research, which can activate and transform the areas most important to you. Our Community Investment Guide is the backbone of our work and serves as a comprehensive tool to inform fundholders year-round giving to make the greatest impact. It is our priority to connect philanthropists to the needs of our region to make our community a place where everyone can thrive.

In all these areas and more, we’ve dug deep to understand the data and spent time listening to our fellow residents about their needs, so we know the nonprofits doing innovative work or transforming lives on the ground level. Together, we can employ mindful investment strategies to inspire meaningful results.

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Anne Meysenburg

Director of Community Investment

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You can help us strengthen our community, and we can help you make your giving more effective. Be a part of the good we’re growing by contributing to one of our funds or opening your own philanthropic fund.