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Let Good Grow

Aligning our giving efforts for the greater good

The Let Good Grow Fund was created to help the Foundation carry out a strategic plan that will shape our community’s collective philanthropic future and make a significant impact for good.

Let Good Grow supports the Foundation and execution of our programs, and it provides a nimble resource to tap for timely community needs and seeds funds for innovative, philanthropic avenues that target the underlying roots of inequity. Many of the programs have had their start or have been boosted by this fund.

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Community Resilience Fund

The Community Resilience Fund supports and strengthens nonprofit organizations rising to meet the challenges of difficult times, together. Recently, hundreds of residents at Omaha’s Legacy Crossing apartments were displaced when their multi-building complex was condemned. Donations came into this fund and were distributed to the nonprofits on the ground working with families. In a matter of days, the people of Omaha gave $240,000 to support these families by donating the to the Community Resilience Fund.

Community Research

The Landscape project provides a snapshot of out community today and reveals the areas where we could improve quality of life. Through this resach, we’re able to strategically support and advocate for our region’s most critical areas of concern.

Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP)

This year-long program gives professional advisors the knowledge and tools to help clients reach their philanthropic giving objectives in addition to estate planning and wealth management goals. Incorporating real-world examples and lessons from local experts, the program has successfully paved an educational pathway to bring awareness to donors about community needs and giving wisely.

Omaha Venture Group

A giving Circle for young professionals, Omaha Venture Group utilizes a venture philanthropy model and supports small and emerging nonprofits across the Omaha region. This group engages the next generation of philanthropists by distributing funds through a collaborative grantmaking process.

Let Good Grow – 2022 Overview


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You can help us strengthen our community, and we can help you make your giving more effective. Be a part of the good we’re growing by contributing to one of our funds or opening your own philanthropic fund.