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Strategically Invest With Others

When you give through the Foundation, you join a network of others who are striving to make this community great. Our efforts are thoughtfully guided by a Community Investment Strategy that represents the collective knowledge, data, and relationships in our community—and a plan for investing in equity and opportunity for all.

Learn more about our Community Investment Strategy.

Get Access to All Our Knowledge

Our staff members are immersed, every day, in the world of philanthropic giving. We have a deep understanding of local nonprofits, which comes from spending one-on-one time with nonprofit leaders, visiting their sites, and learning about the work they do. And we pay close attention to the larger philanthropic world—to trends, research, and new ideas. It’s our job to share this knowledge with our fundholders, whether by researching a specific issue area or nonprofit, or connecting individuals who have common goals and interests. We offer fundholders in-depth reports that analyze the various needs of the local community, and present information, data, and insight to help inform giving.

Community Investment Guide

We can help you design a philanthropic plan, informed by our extensive community-driven research, which can activate and transform the areas most important to you. Our Community Investment Guide is the backbone of our work and serves as a comprehensive tool to inform fundholders’ giving to make the greatest impact. It is our priority to connect you to the needs of our region to make our community a place where everyone can thrive.

Make a Difference in Your Community

Since 1982, our fundholders have granted more than $2 billion to this community—and $224 million in 2022 alone. That kind of generosity ranks our community in the top three percent nationally in per capita giving.

Throughout that time, more than 2,500 fundholders have given through the Foundation, serving the needs of more than 3,000 nonprofits, initiatives, and funds throughout greater Omaha and Southwest Iowa.

See how our fundholders are making an impact in our most recent stories.

Ready to make a bigger impact? We’re here to help.
Vanessa Denney

Vice President of Philanthropic & Donor Services

Ready to make a bigger impact? We’re here to help.
Katie Vogel

Director of Donor Services

Join the Giving

You can help us strengthen our community, and we can help you make your giving more effective. Be a part of the good we’re growing by contributing to one of our funds or opening your own philanthropic fund.