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Privacy Policy

The Omaha Community Foundation (OCF) and its affiliates recognize and respect the privacy of its website users. Neither the OCF nor its affiliates collects personal information, such as the names and mailing addresses of visitors to this website, unless it is voluntarily provided. If such information is provided, it may be stored and used for the OCF’s marketing purposes.

We may, without your permission, electronically collect information regarding your online habits and location, including, without limitation, your remote location, e-mail address, and “cookies”. Such information may be used to collect and analyze demographic information about the OCF’s website users and will only be used by the OCF and its affiliates or partners.

This site contains links to other external websites that do not fall under the OCF’s domain. The OCF is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such external websites. If you choose to follow such links to external websites, you do so at your own risk.

Confidentiality Policy

All information concerning prospective and actual donors including names, addresses, phone numbers, any contact information, names of beneficiaries, nature and worth of estates, amounts of provisions, etc. will be kept strictly confidential by the OCF and its personnel unless the donor grants permission to use selective information for purposes of referral, testimonial or example at the discretion of authorized personnel. Any OCF personnel who violate this policy are subject to dismissal.

Confidential information also includes any information not known to outsiders that has value to the OCF or which premature disclosure would be harmful to the OCF. In addition, because the grant making function of the OCF may lend itself to misinterpretation by the community, officers, directors, committee members, staff, volunteers, interns and consultants are prohibited from using or attempting to use “inside” information for their own personal use, gain or advantage; or providing it to others to gain personal favors or exercise power or influence over others.

At all times, both during and after his or her term of service, every officer, director, committee member, staff, volunteer, intern and consultant shall hold confidential, and shall not copy, distribute or reveal any information, application or list of which he or she has knowledge or to which he or she has access by reason of his or her position unless specifically authorized by the President and CEO and the Board Chair.

Board approval 3-24-2014

Omaha Gives! Confidentiality Statement

Each participating nonprofit organization will have access to their donor list, which includes contact and donation information for their specific donors, except for those who wish to remain anonymous. Donor information is never sold to a third party. The Omaha Community Foundation reserves the right to communicate with donors for the purposes of user surveys, newsletters, philanthropic education, and information.

Promo Codes: Donors may voluntarily include a Promo Code as part of individual transactions for purposes of special charitable drawings or matching employee gifts. Each participating Business Partner will have access to a list of donations processed with their unique Promo Code. This list includes donor name, donation amount, recipient organization, donor email and donation timestamp.  This list excludes donor information on those who wish to remain anonymous.

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