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African American Unity Fund

The African American Unity Fund supports initiatives and organizations that benefit this community in Omaha. Grounded in resident-led decision making, the program is guided by a committee of African American representatives who understand what investments will be most impactful in addressing the needs of their community.

→ Anyone can donate to our five Community Interest Funds, which includes the African American Unity Fund.

Funding Priorities
  • Arts and Culture (visual arts, arts education, cultural programs)
  • Basic Human Needs (food, shelter, clothing)
  • Community Development (leadership training, neighborhood groups, youth programs)
  • Health and Wellness (medical, dental, mental or behavioral health, nutrition, physical activities)
  • Capacity Building (fundraising, technology or operating expenses)

Applications that demonstrate collaboration among multiple organizations are encouraged. African American representation (among clients served, management, staff, and board members) is considered during the decision making process.


Application Details

Up to $225,000 in grant funding will be awarded each year. Funding requests may not exceed $30,000. The average grant award is $10,000 to $15,000.

The application period is open annually January 1 – March 1 (11:59 PM). Applications must be submitted via the online grant portal.

Awards are announced via email in May. Projects must be completed in the year awarded.


Eligibility Requirements
  • Applicants must be a public, tax-exempt organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, OR working with a 501(c)(3) fiscal agent who can receive funds on your behalf.
  • The applicant organization’s annual operating budget may not exceed $500,000. No exceptions will be made.
  • Innovative programs, initiatives, services, or other ideas within the above-stated focus areas that serve African Americans in Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie Counties.
  • Previous grant recipients may apply again if their final report was submitted to the Omaha Community Foundation.
  • Applicants’ policies and practices must be in alignment with the following non-discrimination clause: The applicant organization does not lawfully or unlawfully discriminate in its hiring practices or service provision to clients and/or customers based on race, ethnicity, religious preference, age, [mental, emotional, or physical] disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service, or gender.
  • Additionally, organizations must submit their anti-discrimination policy at time of application.

*These requirements, including eligibility of repeat, consecutive funding, funding priorities, and operating budget caps, are subject to change annually.


2024 African American Unity Fund Committee Members

All funding decisions are made by a resident-led committee of individuals who identify as African American. Applications for new members to join are open March 1 – April 1, 2024. Learn more.

  • Lachelle Rankins, Chair
  • Tinya Nielsen, Co-Chair
  • Akile Banister
  • Kimberly C. Barnes
  • Mike Carter
  • Jo Giles
  • Susie Owens
  • Keith Harris
  • Candias Jones
  • Andrea Walker
  • Herb Thompson
  • Noah Strozier
  • Brea Worthington
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