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Creche Childhood Education Fund

Founded in 1887, the Creche Home for Children was Nebraska’s oldest nonprofit organization. Over the next 127 years, Creche operated in different capacities with many prominent Omaha philanthropists serving on the board of directors.

The one characteristic that never changed throughout Creche’s long history was its focus on helping children. Whether it was a lay nursery, kindergarten, custodial care facility, or childcare center, the heart of the organization was always on helping children.

In 2014, a decision was made to close the nonprofit and donate the endowment to the Omaha Community Foundation with the hope that the Creche mission—to better serve children in the Omaha metro area—will continue in perpetuity.

Application Details

A maximum of three grants will be awarded, totaling approximately $25,000.

The application period is open annually June 1 – July 15. Awards are announced via email in September.

Organizations may apply every year but are only eligible to receive a grant once every three years.

Applications must be submitted online.

This grant program supports:

  • Educational programming and projects for children.
  • Grant monies may not be used for operating expenses.

The grant will be awarded to organizations that:

  • Provide childhood educational services to underserved children up to 12 years of age.

Eligibility Requirements

Public 501(c)(3) organizations that benefit childhood educational services to children.

Organization must be located in the Omaha metropolitan area (Douglas, Sarpy, or Pottawattamie Counties).

Applicants’ policies and practices must be in alignment with the following non-discrimination clause: The applicant organization does not discriminate in hiring practices or service provision to clients and/or customers based on race, ethnicity, religious preference, age, [mental, emotional, or physical] ability/disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service, or gender.


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Laura Contreras

Senior Program Manager

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