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Impact Investing

Igniting opportunity through innovative investing

A Bold New Way to Invest in the Community

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate both a positive, measurable social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. The Omaha Community Foundation has launched the Community Loan Fund with the goal of accelerating positive social outcomes in our community through impact investing. Unlike traditional grant-based philanthropy, this Fund makes impact investments structured as flexible, affordable loans that help local, eligible nonprofits bridge funding gaps and support community programs to drive greater impact.

The Community Loan Fund facilitates the local investment of additional charitable capital in response to community needs, where the organization or project being financed has repayment capacity. It’s a way to utilize charitable dollars for financial and social returns, complementing traditional giving strategies.

A Simple Idea to Generate Sustainable Impact

The Community Loan Fund is different from the traditional grant-based philanthropy championed by the Omaha Community Foundation. The Fund makes impact investing easy with flexible, affordable loans to local, eligible nonprofits. Want to know how OCF fundholders are investing in the Community Loan Fund for both social and financial returns? This short video breaks it down for you.

The Community Loan Fund is already making an impact in the community with investments in the Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Native360 Loan Fund, and Midwest Housing Development Fund. We’re advancing the important work these nonprofits are doing every day: building affordable housing, creating jobs, supporting small businesses, and strengthening local communities. With more investments, we will be able to funnel funding into other nonprofits in our community.

Impact investing in the form of the Community Loan Fund takes the concept of recycling to a new level. When loans are repaid, we can reinvest this philanthropic capital into new projects. We can repeat this process over and over to create a cycle of good.

Think you’re ready to make an impact in the community and want to learn more? The Omaha Community Foundation has the tools to structure your giving in a way that is meaningful to you.

In the meantime, we invite you to hear from Janine, an OCF fundholder who—motivated by her desire to see others succeed—decided now was the time to make an impact by investing in the Community Loan Fund.


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