The Office of Latino/Latino American Studies (OLLAS) at the University of Nebraska Omaha is the latest organization to receive a grant from our Community Resilience Fund.

Launched in April 2021, the Community Resilience Fund is dedicated to supporting Omaha-area organizations serving communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We are offering grants to nonprofits that provide programs and resources in five key focus areas: Arts & Culture, Housing, Learning Recovery, Mental Health, and Workforce.

Since this spring, a total of 25 nonprofits have received nearly $362,000, thanks to generous community support.

Applications are currently paused while we transition to a new online grant portal, but the giving can keep going.

Grants Made in September 2021

WORKFORCE: Helping people gain new skills or education to find and secure stable employment.

> Office of Latino/Latin American Studies (OLLAS) at the University of Nebraska Omaha: $11,878 for COVID-19 Impact on South Omaha Latino Businesses. The OLLAS department was asked by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to provide technical and scientific support to a study on the impact of COVID on Latino Business in South Omaha. The role of OLLAS on this project is to develop the survey that will be applied to the business, train people applying the survey, participate in the data analysis, and write the report. This report will provide information to support the design of evidence-based State policies for South Omaha minority businesses, and hopefully attract resources from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (and federal help, if available) to South Omaha to support the recuperation of minority businesses from the negative economic effects created by the pandemic.

See the full list of grant recipients to date.