Supporting Organizations

Joined in a common mission

What makes the Omaha Community Foundation successful is that so many people share our desire to give back to the community we call home. One of the ways this is done is through our affiliated supporting organizations. Many are family foundations, formed as tax-exempt organizations, whose sole purpose is to further the mission of the Omaha Community Foundation. These include:

  • Amis Family Foundation
  • Amy L. Scott Family Foundation
  • Building Healthy Futures
  • Carmen and John Gottschalk Foundation
  • The David Scott Foundation
  • Dixon Family Foundation
  • The Enrichment Foundation
  • The Faith Charitable Trust
  • Nelson Family Foundation
  • Maginn Family Foundation
  • Mammel Family Foundation
  • The McGowan Family Foundation
  • Parker Family Foundation
  • Partnership 4 Kids
  • Southwest Iowa Foundation
  • Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation
  • William & Ruth Scott Family Foundation
  • William and Barbara Fitzgerald Family Foundation
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