Did you know that one in 10 residents in Iowa and Nebraska work multiple jobs compared to one in 20 nationally?

While unemployment is low in our community, it’s almost two times higher for people of color. We also see large numbers of people who are working multiple jobs or underemployed, meaning they are working full-time but still living under the poverty line.


Our community fares better when compared to national unemployment rates. Locally, unemployment for residents across all races/ethnicities has declined in recent years.


About the Data

This quick look at the Workforce comes from The Landscape, a set of thoughtfully collected data that provides a snapshot of our community today and reveals the areas where we could improve the quality of life.

By combining comprehensive, publicly available data with insight and knowledge from nonprofits and residents, The Landscape is a community resource that can help set priorities, identify areas for collaboration, and inform decision-making on investments.

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