Following the spring grant cycle, the Omaha Community Foundation’s Community Interest Funds awarded a total of $630,000 to 58 nonprofits and neighborhood groups.

• The African American Unity Fund committee reviewed more than 40 applications, going on to distribute $200,000 to 14 organizations–half of which were first time recipients and applicants. The projects selected for funding ranged from financial literacy, empowerment for Black women, and a new youth journalism program based in North Omaha support by the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s School of Journalism. The committee continued to elevate organizations that addressed the intersections of youth, civic enrichment, education, and culture. See the 2020 grant recipients

• The Futuro Latino Fund distributed $150,000 to 10 organizations serving the Latinx community. The FLF grant committee saw in increase in new organizations to apply for funding and continued their focus on youth leadership, arts exposure and educations, scholarships, and opportunities for Laxtinx young professionals. See the 2020 grant recipients

• The Omaha Neighborhood Grants committee awarded $80,000, up from $50,000 in 2019, to 24 neighborhood groups. The committee focused on new leadership development and community building while coordinating with the Mayor’s Neighborhood Grants program to ensure funding reached all areas of Omaha. See the 2020 grant recipients

• The Equality Fund for LGBTQIA+, new to the spring grant cycle, awarded $200,000 to 10 organizations serving the needs of our LGBTQIA+ neighbors across the metro area. There was an increased focus on specialized legal clinics and support in addition to elevating LGBTQIA+ arts and culture. See the 2020 grant recipients here