Your clients rely on your guidance to make important financial decisions. When it comes to charitable giving, we can partner with you to simplify their giving and amplify their impact.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from professionals in the field like Dan Kline Director of Financial Planning at FNBO.

Dan is a Financial Planner with the Private Client Advisory and Financial Planning teams within the Wealth Management group at First National Bank. He specializes in providing comprehensive personalized financial planning incorporating investment, tax, protection, retirement and estate planning strategies.


What is something you have learned about walking the journey of charitable giving with an individual or family?

Patience. You can’t plan on having a charitable giving conversation in 30 minutes. You have to get them comfortable in telling their story of what is important to them. It makes me think of whale watching; when you go out on a boat, you have to be patient.

So, it might not be this year, it might be five or 10 years from now, but we can plan for that. Charitable organizations are patient. Life insurance policies or businesses may not be donated for years, but it is great to know that funds are directed for philanthropy.

Don’t be bashful about asking what has influenced your clients, their success, and what is important to them in their life. I know, as advisors, it’s not in our nature to be asking our clients to use their funds to help others, but this gets easier the more you make it part of your practice


-What are the questions you are most commonly asked as it relates to philanthropy?  

People think “this isn’t much” and are embarrassed about what they give, and I assure them that any amount is appreciated and adds up to a lot.


-For your clients with charitable interests, what makes OCF a good partner to facilitate giving goals?  

The people at the Omaha Community Foundation are always there to help you or meet with a client. Their materials are thorough  as are the range of services they provide. Anything from a Charitable Checkbook® to a private foundation., they have a giving vehicle perfect for any of your clients.

If you want to start a foundation, you think you need staff to handle all of the work, but OCF will help with all of that.