At the Omaha Community Foundation, we are honored to uplift, celebrate, and recognize strong women and girls in our community. Women’s History Month was established in the 1980s to celebrate the vital role of women in American history. To commemorate this month, we are recognizing some women-led and women-supporting organizations in the Omaha metro that make a difference every day.

Below are some nonprofits that have been awarded OCF grants this past year that change women’s lives.


To mitigate unfavorable maternal and fetal/infant health outcomes, A Mother’s Love provides doula, birthing, and support services to underserved mothers of color in North Omaha. They provide a support system and create a village of Black women, healthcare advocates/professionals, and community liaisons that support young mothers during vulnerable times. Last year, our resident-led grantmaking committee supported this vision with a $25,000 grant to expand doula services through the African American Unity Fund.

Carole’s House of Hope provides transitional living for young women and mothers who have aged out of foster care or have become homeless. Last year, OCF awarded this nonprofit $25,000 for mental health and housing services with a goal to address the mental health needs of up to 60 residents of color (between the ages of 19-26) with children. By providing a safe supportive environment and free mental health services, Carole’s House of Hope instills self-sufficiency, promotes healing, and works to help young mothers retain or regain custody of their children.


In April 2021, the GROW Nebraska Foundation launched the GROW Nebraska Women’s Business Center in the Omaha metro area to serve Nebraska’s critical need in leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs while providing real-time resources, education, and training. They leverage knowledge experts, specialized resources, and on-demand training.

Last year, they established a seven-week program to provide insight and information to female entrepreneurs and small business owners who launched without a solid foundation.


Families in Action is a catalyst for hope and healing in the South Omaha community . Since 1997, they work to come together as women and families to promote health, well-being, and knowledge and to be role models for children and the entire community. They offer a variety of programs including academic and mentoring support, sports and exercise programs, and mental wellness support.

During the critical early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Families in Action Omaha focused their funding on emergency food services and mental wellness support for their clients, primarily Latina women and their families. Last year, our resident-led grantmaking committee awarded them $18,700 for their wellness efforts from our Futuro Latino Fund.

Refugee Women Rising thoughtfully supports and empowers women from around the world as they reach their full potential. This woman-led organization has built meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with refugees, refugee leaders, and refugee service providers throughout Omaha. They serve thousands of refugees annually, offering intentional, social-emotional programming through culturally competent means.

Refugee communities they partner with have requested expanded services, including driving instruction. While their services are highly utilized, the commitment to intentionality and relationship building requires dedicated staff time and resources. Last year, our resident-led grantmaking committee awarded this nonprofit $25,000 for capacity building through our Refugee Community Grant Fund.

Founded in 2016, Youth For Greater Good is a women-led organization supporting local South Sudanese youth through academics, mentoring, and cultural awareness. They are uplifting future leaders by putting an emphasis on community, culture, and leadership. Last year, our resident-led grantmaking committee awarded this nonprofit $9,000 from the Refugee Community Grant Fund to expand its after-school program with materials and an increased number of days to serve their growing members

A local Black Women’s book club has grown to become Well-Read Women of Omaha, a nonprofit that fosters a love for reading while supporting literacy for Black women and children in the Omaha metro. Last year, our resident-led grantmaking committee awarded them $10,000 from the African American Unity Fund to help create Little Free Libraries, expand their classroom adoption program, and create a book fair for local authors of color.


EPIC! for Girls has been supporting, providing resources, advocating, and increasing the number of girls and women in sports in the Omaha metro. EPIC! serves girls in under-resourced and under-served areas through sports, safe spaces, access to quality training and development. EPIC! provides a culturally-specific approach to encourage girls (primarily girls of color) to gain confidence, engage socially, and excel as leaders in their communities. Last year, our resident-led grantmaking committee awarded them $20,000 for their programming efforts from the African American Unity Fund.

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