How we help the community

At the Omaha Community Foundation, we believe that Omaha is a great place to live that gets better all the time.

Part of what makes Omaha great is our commitment to each other. This is a place where people care. Where people want every neighborhood to prosper, every school to thrive, every child to flourish . . .

Not just their own.

The Foundation was founded by Omaha residents who believed in the future of our community — and we continue to serve that future.

We want to make it easier for the people of Omaha to help each other.

We’re working to determine our community’s greatest needs; to build up its nonprofits; and to find new ways for people to come together to give.


We truly understand local nonprofits and what they’re trying to accomplish in the community. And we also pay close attention to the larger philanthropic world – to trends, research and new ideas.  We spend time one-on-one with nonprofit leaders, visiting their sites, observing programs in action, and learning about the work they do.

This knowledge and perspective helps the Foundation focus on the community’s greatest needs. And it helps us bring people – donors, charities, businesses, government agencies, educational institutions – together toward meeting those needs.

When we connect people who want to do good and who can help each other do more, we make our community better.

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