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Front Porch Investments

Creating solutions to house our community

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About Us

Front Porch Investments envisions a community committed to ensuring all have a home where they can thrive, with bold decisions and effective innovation supporting housing as a human right.

Front Porch Investments was created as a response to the demand for strategic investment and coordinated leadership in the areas of affordable housing and homelessness prevention. Our primary purpose is to increase investments, innovation, and strategic partnerships across the greater metro area. Our initial focus is on the implementation of the strategic framework and solutions identified in the Assessment of Housing Affordability, Needs, & Priorities report.

We build on the exemplary housing developments, organizations, and individuals tasked with these challenges in the past, harnessing today’s momentum and incredible talent, creating a more robust, holistic, and lasting approach.

Two people sit on a low gray couch, with their hands clasped in their laps, and two people stand on either side, with one hand on either a hip or in a pocket. They are all wearing the same navy blue shirt that reads: Nebraska Needs Affordable Housing in yellow font, with different colored blazers and sweaters. The background is a cement wall.

Photo Credit: Kamrin Baker

What We Do

Front Porch Investments drives forward the careful design of new programs, formalization of new cross-sector partnerships, continued consultation with local housing experts, and meaningful and intentional engagement with the communities whom local leaders are working to serve.

We implement successful housing solutions by maximizing public and private resources, convening community partners, new stakeholders, and historically excluded voices, including all these perspectives in a shared vision for the future.

Our Funding Partners

Partnerships and support from city, county, state, and federal entities

Partnerships with foundations, families, and individuals

Partnerships with the business community

Who We Serve

  • Community – Individuals, families, and groups
  • Community development financial institutions
  • Community development organizations
  • Developers – Nonprofit and for profit
  • Homeowners, homebuyers, and renters
  • Housing supportive nonprofits
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Front Porch Investments

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