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FAQ: Omaha Neighborhood Grants

What types of proposals will the committee consider?

The committee will consider all submitted proposals that are developed and led by residents, meet the eligibility requirements, demonstrate leadership development, and meet the other program goals listed on Omaha Neighborhood Grants page.

What is a neighborhood association or organization?

Community members voluntarily form a neighborhood association or organization. A neighborhood organization may accommodate residents, business owners, organizational leaders, or individuals who share common interests within the area. It may or may not collect dues and may or may not follow a subdivision’s boundaries. These entities gather around the shared interests, needs, and desires of the people, places, and spaces within the defined area and create a sense of community through social activities and other engagement opportunities.

Where can I find the neighborhood directory, and how do I get my group listed?

You can find the Omaha Neighborhood Directory at Here, you will also find information on how to add your organization to the directory and update your organization’s information.

Are collaborative projects that span multiple neighborhood groups more favorable than a proposal from a single neighborhood group?

While we do encourage collaborative projects, they are not weighted or given preference over other requests. Our intent is to fund as many impactful proposals across our community as possible.

Is this grant open to business associations?

This grant is specifically for neighborhood groups and associations listed in the City of Omaha’s Neighborhood Directory. It is acceptable to have a partnership with a business, but the project needs to be developed and led by neighborhood residents, not a business or business association.

Should we submit a proposal for each of the projects we wish to work on this year?

No, we strongly recommend that you either select the strongest project or combine multiple projects into one cohesive proposal that clearly explains how funds will be allocated and used across the various projects. If selected for funding, the committee may still choose to only fund a portion of the requested amount.

Does funding need to be used this calendar year?

Yes, all awarded grant funds are expected to be activated during the current calendar year—so by December 31, 2024.

Can funds be used to reimburse previous purchases?

No, we are unable to provide funding for purchases made prior to a grant award being approved.

Does that application need to be submitted by a specific person within the neighborhood association leadership or can any member submit?

The application must be approved by the group’s leadership. However, any member can submit the proposal.

What resources are available to help prepare a strong grant proposal?

One Omaha offers Visioning Sessions using asset-based community development strategies to generate and organize project ideas for grants and reach consensus around project ideas. After your group is clear on project ideas, you can schedule small group meetings for technical support as you work your way through the application. You can also sign up for one of the Grant Writing Workshops, facilitated by One Omaha. Learn more on their website and reach out at 402-913-0314 or to get help.

Can I apply to this program and Mayor Jean Stothert’s Neighborhood Grants program?

Yes, you can apply for our Omaha Neighborhood Grants program and Mayor Jean Stothert’s Neighborhood Grants program through the City of Omaha. These are two separate programs.

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