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FAQ: LGBTQIA2S+ Equality Fund

What resources are available to help prepare a strong grant proposal?

To enhance your grant proposal, we offer personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions with Deborah Bunting. After submitting a draft of your proposal in Submittable, our online grant portal, you can schedule a coaching session to address specific areas and receive guidance tailored to your needs. Come prepared with questions to make the most of this opportunity.

How much detail do I need to provide in the application draft before a coaching session?

We recommend providing as much information as possible to get the most out of your coaching session. However, if for example, you only want to discuss the budget portion—make sure to complete the budget narrative questions and fill out the budget matrix. You can use an asterisk (*) in required fields you plan to revisit.

What is the committee looking for in an application?

The committee is looking for proposals that meet program objectives and address the outcomes that were identified within the Strengths and Needs Assessment. Proposals should also demonstrate clear outcomes, value collaboration and creativity, define program impact, encourage innovation and measurable outcomes.

Is the fund available for general operating, or is it project-based only?

General operating request will be considered if there is a clear connection between the organization’s mission and findings from the Strengths and Needs Assessment. Additionally, we recommend that you clearly state how your programs/services uplift the LGBTQIA2S+ community, which, in turn, will support your operating request.

When must our grant program conclude, or funding be used?

All grant funds must be used in the calendar year they were awarded—so by December 31, 2024. If there is a situation that may impact that timeline, please proactively communicate with the program manager well in advance of any application or reporting deadlines.

How will my proposal be reviewed and scored?

Proposals are scored individually by each committee member; scores are then averaged to get a slate of organizations sorted by score. The committee convenes to discuss all the applications and determine which proposals will receive funding. The 2024 Equality Fund rubric asked committee members to score based on a clearly defined need, the strength of the project, and community connection and representation. The rubric is subject to change annually.

Does the committee plan to refresh the Strengths and Needs Assessment each year or every few years?

The Omaha Community Foundation will reach out to its funding partners to determine when the next iteration of the report will be developed.

Can I apply to more than one Community Interest Fund grant program?

Yes, eligible organizations that meet the program requirements may apply to more than one program. If your organization is submitting requests to different programs for the same project, it is most beneficial to state clearly that you are applying to another Community Interest Fund program, what amount you are requesting from each program, and how funds will be used. If your organization is applying to another Community Interest Fund program for a different project, no additional information is needed.

If my proposal is not funded, will I receive feedback?

If your organization’s proposal is not selected for funding, you will have the opportunity to schedule a call to discuss the application and to receive any feedback from the committee regarding why it was not selected and suggestions to make the proposal stronger in the future. There are situations in which great proposals do not get funding because of limited award dollars.

Is there an organizational operating budget limit?

No, there is not an organizational operating budget limit for the LGBTQIA2S+ Equality Fund. Organizations of all sizes that fit the other funding criteria are eligible to apply.

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