The Youth in Philanthropy grant program, in cooperation with Youth Leadership Omaha (YLO) Ambassadors, funded three awards in March during the 2013 grant cycle.

Youth in Philanthropy is a program designed to involve local youth leaders in philanthropy. Youth Leadership Omaha Ambassadors define the focus of the grant, determine review criteria, and select grant recipients. These high school juniors and seniors have examined issues they believe are most important to the youth of our city, discussed what topics interest them, and undertook several community service projects.

The mission of the 2013 YLO Ambassadors Youth in Philanthropy was: to provide financial assistance to organizations that support people suffering from congenital, trauma-induced, and developed mental disorders.  As a result of their efforts, $8,300 was raised and granted out to the following organizations:

  • Completely Kids – $3,000
  • Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding  Academy (HETRA) – $2,300
  • Madonna School – $3,000