Especially over the last few years as social consciousness has increased, many of your clients may be more interested in how they can make a difference through their philanthropic activities, whether by giving to their favorite nonprofits, volunteering, serving on boards, or purchasing products that support a cause.

As clients grow more in tune with social impact, they are expecting their advisors to provide resources to support their philanthropic giving. What’s more, clients who receive philanthropic planning advice from their advisors tend to be more loyal and more willing to recommend their advisors to others, especially when that advisor is proactive in providing options for incorporating philanthropy into financial and estate plans.

With that in mind, the Omaha Community Foundation is here to help you stay up to date with philanthropy topics so you can navigate the conversations and deliver the services your clients are seeking. We work alongside you to provide the support you need in guiding your clients’ philanthropy goals. The following are a few services we provide:

  • We offer a variety of philanthropic funds that your clients can establish to facilitate donations to nonprofits they support. These funds can support lifetime or post-life giving.
  • Several of our team members are specially trained to work with your clients to create mission statements to guide their philanthropic giving, both now and in the future. As an example, we work with local private foundations who are transitioning their foundation to the next generation.
  • For clients who are interested in a new and innovative way to give back, our Community Loan Fund may be of interest. Unlike traditional donations, our Community Loan Fund makes impact investments structured as flexible, affordable loans to local nonprofits supporting economic developing and affordable housing projects.

If you would like to learn more about how we could partner with you to support your clients’ philanthropic objectives please check out our Advisor Resources page, consider applying for our Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy Program, schedule a presentation for your team, or simply contact us.

The information provided herein is for general informational purposes only and shall not serve as advice regarding the consequences of a charitable contribution.  Under no circumstance may communications with OCF be relied upon as tax or legal advice. Additional OCF policies and procedures or agreement terms may apply and should be carefully reviewed.