The Omaha Community Foundation awarded 87 grants totaling $845,000 to local nonprofits and neighborhood groups through our five Community Interest Funds, which includes the:

Grants made through our Community Interest Funds are strategic investments meant to increase access, equity, and opportunity. We engage everyday community members to lead grant processes, and we rely on them to exercise and apply their own power and understanding.

Each committee is made up of residents who come from or identify with the population being served. They review proposals, and based on the needs they are seeing in their communities, they decide which projects will have the greatest impact.

View and download the 2022 Impact Report.
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These resident-led grant programs connect and support on-the-ground organizations and provide application assistance and training as needed. It’s a grassroots approach to addressing local priorities, practicing and growing active citizenship, and building community.

Anyone can donate. From the “Our Programs” drop-down menu, select Community Interest Funds.