Tell us about yourself and your new company.

With 18 years of experience in the financial industry, I’ve consistently specialized in business development roles, particularly focusing on serving high-net-worth individuals. Over time, I noticed a recurring need among organizations for more strategic organic growth strategies and enhanced client experience models to attract and retain affluent families. In 2023, I founded Archway Strategy & Consulting with a focus on refining business development strategies for professional service providers. My primary clientele includes RIAs, Community Banks, Insurance Firms, and Law Offices. With a hands-on approach, I assist these teams in developing their sales strategies, refining their value proposition, expanding their COI network, crafting dynamic client experience roadmaps, and generating more revenue.

Do you want to hear an interesting statistic? 89% of HNW families expect value-added services from their trusted advisors! At Archway, we talk in depth with our clients around their wealth planning scope, ensuring that philanthropy is a part of every client conversation.

Through active engagement in programs like OCF’s Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy and participation in advisor and community circles, I gained valuable insights into the pivotal role of giving back. This awareness fuels my dedication to integrating charitable initiatives into growth strategies, allowing me to provide holistic support to individuals with their advisors by their side.

Any advice for advisors who are working with clients trying to involve the next generation in charitable giving?

We’re currently witnessing the largest wealth transfer in history. When I emphasize the importance of a robust client experience, it’s because a staggering 90% of new asset holders – the heirs – are likely to seek out a new financial team. This could be due to various reasons like their parents not involving them in financial discussions, advisors neglecting to engage with the family, or simply the absence of a plan for the next generation. As an advisor, it’s crucial to consider involving family members and the next generation in philanthropic planning to retain clients.

When I work with my clients, I always pose the question: “Does your client experience incorporate multigenerational planning? Does your client experience work with the next generation and does it work across genders? With 70% of wealth transfer moving to women aged 50 and older, there’s a myriad of factors to consider. Yet, amidst these challenges lie tremendous opportunities.

At Archway, my aim is to forge connections between dynamic advisors in our network and the Omaha Community Foundation. Together, we can devise action plans that strengthen relationships between family members, foster closer ties between advisors and their clients and subsequent generations, and enrich the bond between the community and philanthropic endeavors.

How does your partnership with OCF keep you aware of current philanthropic trends?

Collaborating with the team at the Omaha Community Foundation (OCF) is not just about enhancing our services; it’s about enriching our community. We don’t have to be experts in every domain. My expertise lies in developing growth strategies that include holistic planning, while OCF excels in the execution of philanthropy. Through our partnership, I can provide my clients with more comprehensive and robust resources to facilitate their holistic plans.

The philanthropic spirit in the Omaha community is remarkable, and it’s motivating to experience it daily. Here, there’s a tangible sense that success brings about more success. Our community leaders have consistently led by example, showcasing a steadfast dedication to philanthropy that sets the bar for others to emulate. OCF plays a significant role in upholding this tradition, embodying the spirit of giving back that is integral to the identity of Omaha. Being part of this legacy is truly an honor.