We are just a few weeks into a new decade. With that comes reflection, contemplation, and planning.

A new decade allows us all to reflect on the past 10 years and look to the next. To think about what we accomplished and imagine the future. To consider new goals—whether large or small, and maybe even set a new course for ourselves, our families, our businesses, our region.

We live in a community with boundless generosity.  With grand intentions.  With big hopes.  With rich, meaningful traditions of generosity and vision.

As we enter 2020, it’s time, as a community foundation, we build upon these ambitions to connect with new opportunities for impact. To act. To be bold. To advocate for Omaha and Southwest Iowa.

The Omaha Community Foundation has been invested in learning, and in understanding this community for the last decade. Eight years ago, we launched Omaha Gives! which brought the community together to celebrate the impactful work of our nonprofits. Then, three years ago, we launched TheLandscapeOmaha.org, an ongoing project that combines data and resident engagement to shed light on opportunities where we—as a community foundation, as individuals, and as a region—can invest to ensure that we all have equitable access to opportunity.

Now, at the start of this new decade, the Foundation has identified several areas of importance that will lead our work for the coming years.

  1. A Commitment to Equity – As a Foundation we are committed to the ideals of equity and inclusion and believe that being guided by these principles is the only way to make genuine and sustained impact together. This understanding, along with prioritizing resident voice, drives our investments and efforts in making our community more equitable and inclusive for all.
  2. Donor Cultivation – There is significant work ahead in our vision for a stronger, brighter, and more inclusive region—and the work cannot be done alone. By working in partnership with the more than 1,500 current fundholders at the Foundation, and continuing to cultivate new relationships, we believe that our collective efforts can inspire change and inspire new generations of philanthropists.
  3. Community Activation – We have been on our own journey of listening, learning, and understanding. Through data, policy review, resident engagement, and our ongoing work with nonprofits, we have identified issues that we have heard are important and where we believe this community can make specific progress. We will continue to share our knowledge with the community and use it to drive decisions and investments.

These intentions are bold, but when taken together we believe they can be catalytic, demonstrating that progress at a community scale is possible.

So, as we enter 2020—and the beginning of this new decade—we are excited and humbled to share our intentions with this community. We invite you to join us in thinking bigger—and in working together—to make this community greater than the sum of its parts.

Beginning a new decade is an ideal time to reflect on your biggest goals. If giving back is a priority for you, the Omaha Community Foundation can help you make the most out of your philanthropic efforts. To learn more contact us at giving@omahafoundation.org or call 402-342-3458.