Take a look around and you’ll see good growing in our community. Everyday, in big and small ways, someone is deciding they are ready to make an impact where they live.

With the recent introduction of the Community Loan Fund by the Omaha Community Foundation, community members are learning they can make investments with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact. It’s a rapidly growing field of philanthropy, attracting a wide variety of investors and although still relatively small, has enormous potential to generate a positive measurable social outcome.

Unlike traditional grant-based philanthropy, the Community Loan Fund makes impact investments structured as flexible, affordable loans that help local, eligible nonprofits bridge funding gaps and support community programs to drive greater impact.

In fact, it’s already making an impact in our community. Investments in the Nebraska Enterprise Fund, Native360 Loan Fund, and Midwest Housing Development Fund are advancing the important work these nonprofits are doing every day: building affordable housing, creating jobs, supporting small businesses, and strengthening local communities. With more investments, we will be able to funnel funding into other nonprofits in our community.

We invite you to hear from Janine, an OCF fundholder who—motivated by her desire to see others succeed—decided now was the time to make an impact by investing in the Community Loan Fund.