Property crime is trending downward. Pottawattamie County has seen higher rates of property crime than Douglas or Sarpy. Still, property crime has been on the decline in all three counties since 2000.

Overall, property crime rates in our community remain higher than national rates. Douglas and Pottawattamie Counties have consistently had higher rates than the national averages. Sarpy County, however, has had consistently lower rates than the United States.


Violent crime is down in Pottawattamie and Douglas Counties and remains the same in Sarpy County. Violent crime rates provide insight into the prevalence of a community’s most serious crimes and the level of safety within them. Violent crime in Douglas and Pottawattamie Counties has generally been on the decline over the last 14 years, with some increases in certain years. Meanwhile, Sarpy County has seen a gradual increase in violent crime since 2014.

In recent years, violent crime rates in Sarpy County have been lower than the national average. However, both Douglas and Pottawattamie Counties have violent crime rates higher than the national average.


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Data Sources: Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, 2000-2019