Fund for Omaha, a grant program funded by the Omaha Community Foundation in partnership with local philanthropists has distributed more than $7.5 million over the last 32 years. Historically, the Fund has made strategic investments to support arts and culture, neighborhoods, economic opportunity, health, transportation, and vibrant communities. While there has always been a focus on nonprofits working to ensure equitable access for residents, in response to recent events in our country and world, the Foundation has decided to shift the Fund to explicitly include intersections of racial equity.

“While we’ve become more intentional over time with an equity-based lens in our Fund for Omaha grantmaking, we wanted to be even more connected to a racial and social justice focus,” said Anne Meysenburg, Director of Community Investment.  “This is our opportunity to learn from practitioners in our community, better understand assets and needs, and make key investments that put equity at the forefront in our region.”

Fund for Omaha will now create space to listen and learn from organizations leading racial and social justice work in our community. Priorities include supporting organizations that amplify and care for the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color with the following investments:

  • Building grassroots capacity of nonprofit organizations.
  • Supporting advocacy efforts to address systems change in communities of color.
  • Increasing connections within and across communities.
  • Local nonprofits that are working to ensure equitable access for people of color throughout our community.

To learn more about the Fund for Omaha and to apply, click here.