More People Are Voting Early Than Ever Before

This community is showing up to vote and we couldn’t be prouder! For the last two presidential elections, local voter participation rates in the Omaha metro have been much higher than the national average. Still, historically, less than half of eligible Omaha metro voters participate in elections.

This year the pandemic has more people voting early than ever before. Douglas County is reporting more than double early voter turnout as compared to 2016, with about 400-500 people dropping off their mail-in ballots or voting early every day.

The Landscape Features Local Voting Trends

To learn more about voting trends in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area, check out the Civic Engagement section of The Landscape, and in particular, Voter Participation.

Make Your Plan to Vote

Voting information including polling locations, hours, and COVID-19 safety instructions for the Omaha metro area can be found at your county’s election website: