Nonprofits and neighborhood groups have until March 1 to apply for the 2022 Community Interest Funds, which includes five resident-led grantmaking programs.


In 2021, the five Community Interest Funds awarded a total of $822,000 to 76 nonprofits and neighborhood groups. See the list of grant recipients.

“Resident-led grantmaking programs give everyday residents an opportunity to be decision-makers about programs, services, and activities taking place in their communities,” said Katrina Adams, program manager at the Omaha Community Foundation. “They are truly focused on building up the applicant organizations so they can be more competitive with other potential donors and funders.”

Grants made through our Community Interest Funds are strategic investments meant to increase access and equity. We ask community members to lead grant processes using their own power and understanding.

Each committee is made up of residents who come from or identify with the population being served. They review proposals and decide which projects to fund based on the needs they are seeing in their respective communities.