As you talk with your clients about charitable giving, are you leading with tax benefits? If so, you may want to rethink your approach, according to this recent article, which points out the importance of engaging specialists to assist you in advising a client about how to make a difference in the community. Fortunately, our team at the Omaha Community Foundation specializes in charitable giving and community impact!

Our team also enjoyed digging into the latest study on family philanthropy, particularly because it reinforces so many of the best practices we already employ at the Omaha Community Foundation. When we partner with you, your clients and their families make a difference in the lives of others for generations to come. We look forward to working together on practical solutions to engage your clients, their children, and their grandchildren in comprehensive charitable planning that moves the needle for nonprofits and causes they care about.

Finally, as the dust settles on tax season, and as we look ahead to what the charitable deduction might look like in future years, we appreciate the perspectives in this piece about the surprising benefits of a complex tax code. More proof that it is always possible to look on the bright side!