Your clients rely on your guidance to make important financial decisions. When it comes to charitable giving, we can partner with you to simplify their giving and amplify their impact.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from professionals in the field like Susan Koesters, a senior financial advisor at Manners Koesters Investment Management Group.

What questions about philanthropy do you get most often from your clients?

So many people write checks for their charitable giving and do not realize there may be other, more tax-efficient options. If the situation fits, we will suggest considering either appreciated securities or Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA.

Natural follow-up questions from clients include: “Why should I donate stock or use my IRA?” or “Why bunch charitable deductions?”

For your clients with charitable interests, what makes the Omaha Community Foundation a good partner to facilitate their giving goals?

The people at OCF are very easy to work with and knowledgeable. The extra services they offer are valuable to my clients. For example, OCF will help to identify charities with specific missions.

They will also help clients memorialize in writing their charitable intentions for the future. OCF also offers hassle-free solutions to facilitate gifting to multiple charities after a single contribution.

How have your clients used the Omaha Community Foundation in their plans?

Many of our clients use Charitable Checkbook® accounts as part of their annual tax plans. In addition, we have some clients with corporate and/or personal Donor Advised Funds. These have been set up to receive bonuses directly from the client’s employer to reduce income taxes.

Our clients have created these accounts as part of an overall estate plan for charitable giving after death to guide others making those decisions.

All of the OCF accounts are useful to receive highly appreciated shares of a company that is going to be acquired, which reduces the capital gains for our clients.