Sixteen local professionals graduated from the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) program. Through a year-long curriculum, the CAP® program provides professionals the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to help clients reach their charitable giving objectives, while also helping them meet their estate planning and wealth management goals.

During the CAP® program, financial advisors, lawyers, and nonprofit professionals learn to help clients discover the legacies they will leave their families and community. By integrating the legal, accounting, financial services, and planned giving professions, the program promotes an interdisciplinary approach to most effectively achieve client goals.


“At the Omaha Community Foundation, we are proud to facilitate the Omaha CAP® program under Mark Weber’s leadership,” said Kelli Cavey, Vice President of Donor Services at OCF. “Eleven years ago, Mark approached the Foundation with an idea to start a CAP® study group. Today there are nearly 150 local advisors and gift planners that have completed the Omaha program.”

2022 CAP® Graduates
  • Anthony Anderson, State Farm Insurance
  • Vanessa Denney, Omaha Community Foundation
  • Joe Donovan, Lutz
  • Mark Dynek, AGSN
  • Steve Esch, Avior Wealth Management
  • Cesar Garcia, Canopy South
  • Nicholas Hall, Lutz Financial
  • Katie Joseph, Cline, Williams, Wright, Johnson & Oldfather, LLP
  • Chris Knauf, Mount Michael Benedictine Abbey
  • Jill Mason, Kinney Mason
  • Janie Meyer, Eide Bailly, LLP
  • Ryan Pickett, Boy Scouts, Mid-America Council
  • Susan Rosburg, First National Bank of Omaha
  • Jennifer Tompkins, Jewish Federation of Omaha
  • Sherman Willis, State Farm Insurance
  • Clark Youngman, Koley Jessen

CAP® participants engage in a rigorous year-long course with 16 class sessions of graduate-level coursework through The American College of Financial Services. This year, several classes were held at various locations in the community, to see how philanthropy impacts local organizations and people.


“We moved around a lot,” said Mark Weber of SilverStone Group, who established the CAP® group in Omaha. “From the Jewish Community Center, Tenaska, Walter Scott, Morrison Stadium, NE Foundation, Carson Wealth, and Bridges Trust, just to name a few. It was great to see the different locations in our city.”

Vanessa Denney, Director of Philanthropic Services at the Omaha Community Foundation, was among the 2023 graduates. While she works in philanthropy daily, it was important to her to expand her network of philanthropic advocates.

“There is a strong culture of philanthropy in Omaha that is upheld by the collaboration of the advisor and nonprofit community, which is often operating behind the scenes on behalf of the donor,” Denney said. “The importance and value of this collaboration leads to stronger philanthropic impact in Omaha.”

With roughly 24 CAP® programs in the United States, each is different and unique in its own way., Still, Omaha was one of the first in the nation, and many other programs look to Omaha’s curriculum to set their coursework. That is one reason why the waiting list can sometimes be two or three years long – this is a program that professionals want to be a part of.


“As CAP® graduates, you are familiar with different structures and types of gifts, which is unique information you can provide your clients,” said Donna Kush, CEO of the Omaha Community Foundation. “You know who the experts in town to go to are and the unique tools you can provide to folks that they may not have thought of.”

After graduating CAP, participants are part of a community of support and networking, from LinkedIn groups to ongoing sessions and events. 

“I graduated in 2021, but I enjoy all of the conversations after CAP® and that is why so many alums come to support the new graduates,” said Brett Ebert, an attorney with Ball, Loudon, Ebert & Brostrom, LLC, a boutique estate and business law firm. “I stay engaged in the alumni network and like meeting new people.”

Ebert is starting a CAP® study group in Lincoln for alumni to meet and learn more without having to travel to Omaha.

If you are interested in learning more about CAP® or want to view the full list of graduates, you can see more here.