Family Giving

Coming together to give means coming together to share.

Charitable giving brings families closer together. When you start talking about where and how to give, you find yourselves sharing what’s really important to you. You see the best in each other.

A family giving project can instill generosity and responsibility in young children, and establish a tradition of philanthropy that keeps your family coming together for many years to come.

Why get the Omaha Community Foundation involved?

The Foundation’s services are flexible; we can always tailor a project to meet your family’s needs. But here are a few ways that we most commonly work with families:

Introduce children to the practice of charitable giving.

We have accounts designed for children and teens – and can suggest ways to incorporate philanthropy into your everyday life.

Teaching Children to Give

Establish a family giving project or fund.

Our staff has worked with hundreds of families over the years, on projects of all scopes and sizes. We’re especially good at helping families focus. We can help you find common ground and goals, even across generations. And we can help you set clear guidelines for your project. Agreeing on a specific mission, right at the outset, will spare your family conflict later on.

When conflict does arise – it’s normal for the family dynamic to get tangled sometimes – our staff members are trained in conflict resolution, and can help you work through it.

Resources for Families

Family Giving DynamicsWorking Together as a FamilyDealing With Conflict

Plan a legacy of giving for your family.

You may want to consider how your own giving may continue over time, even after your own death. Or you may want to establish a family fund or project that will carry on through future generations

The Omaha Community Foundation understands both the logistics of planned giving and the family dynamic of these situations. We can help you establish a fund that will last, with an enduring mission and a clear plan for succession.

Succession Planning

Call or email our Vice President of Donor Services, Matt Darling, to get started.

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