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The Fund for Omaha is the Omaha Community Foundation’s largest competitive grant program. The Fund is designed to help nonprofits address community needs and to support effective solutions. It also serves as one way the Omaha Community Foundation stays current with community and nonprofit needs. There are two annual deadlines: March 1 and September 1.

The Fund for Omaha’s Greatest Need Grants program has evolved as a way for the Omaha Community Foundation to be responsive to the most pressing needs in our community. Applicants are invited to identify their organization’s greatest need and propose a plan to address it. Greatest Need Grants will fall into three broad areas and applicants must choose one area under which to submit a proposal:

Capacity building

The Omaha Community Foundation focuses on nonprofit capacity building as a way to strengthen nonprofits and our community as a whole. Nonprofit capacity building is the improvement of capabilities, knowledge or resources, so an agency can achieve its mission more effectively. Examples include:

  • Organizational assessment and strategic planning
  • Fund development
  • Professional development and leadership training
  • Board development
  • Communications, including website design, branding, and community outreach

General operating expenses

These are expenses related to the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit. Examples include:

  • Purchase of equipment not related to a specific program
  • Staff salaries not related to a specific program
  • Marketing or fundraising materials
  • Financial audit
  • Regular costs of staying in business, such as rent and utilities


The Fund for Omaha will continue to make program grants through the Greatest Need Grants program. These grants are intended to support new or ongoing programs that respond to a demonstrated community need. Applicants are encouraged to include in the program budget a percentage of staff time required to run the program. Examples include:

  • Supplies, equipment, or other materials required for program
  • Community-wide needs assessments
  • Program-specific staffing needs


Eligible applicants are those defined as public, tax-exempt organizations by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that provide services in the Omaha metropolitan area. This organization’s governing board must approve applications prior to submission. In addition, if awarded a Fund for Omaha grant, an organization is not eligible to receive funding the next grant cycle, but instead, must skip a cycle to reapply.

Apply for a Grant

The Fall 2014 Fund for Omaha deadline has passed. Please check back in mid-January for the 2015 Spring  application information.

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