Our giving incentive means more for Omaha’s future

Kevin Thompson is a young professional with a wide smile and a big heart. He wants to see Omaha with a vibrant North Omaha neighborhood. In fact, he believes that in twenty years, it will be a thriving destination for people to work, play and go to school.

Kevin frequently attends services at Sacred Heart Church or board meetings at the Heart Ministry Center located in North Omaha. Newly married, he dreams of starting a family and hopes he’ll get to experience a great North Omaha with them. “Someday if I’m lucky enough to have children of my own, I hope they can see North Omaha with fewer areas of underprivileged children … a place where people can go thrive and feel safe.”

When Kevin gave his first gift through the Omaha Community Foundation a few years ago, he participated in our giving incentive for new donors. He had more dollars to spend on organizations doing good in North Omaha.

Kevin is confident that his dream for Omaha is possible: “With help of individuals and others throughout this Omaha community, I think we can get there.”

So open a charitable account today and start giving toward your dreams for Omaha’s future. We’re with Kevin. We think that together, we can get there.


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