Scott and Paige Berryman

Your giving, your timetable.

When you’re married to an obstetrician, Scott Berryman says, you get used to surprises and interruptions. He remembers that date at the Orpheum so well because it’s one of the few when Paige didn’t get, well, paged. (Their first date lasted only 18 minutes.)

Now that the Berrymans have four children under the age of five, their time together is even more precious, and household decisions –even big ones – often get made on the run.

That’s one of the reasons the Berrymans were so happy to open a Charitable Checkbook® account with the Omaha Community Foundation. Their account lets them set aside money for charitable giving when it’s most convenient for them – or when they can reap the greatest tax benefit from the gift. They can be flexible. They can be thoughtful. They can make donations from their Foundation account when it makes sense for them.

Besides the convenience the Foundation offers, the Berrymans were eager to join a larger philanthropic effort, something bigger than themselves. “It felt like we were doing our part as citizens,” Scott says, “as shareholders in this community.”

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