Lorie Lewis

Her first priority – second chances.

Lorie Lewis wasn’t thinking about college when she was a senior at North High School. She didn’t know she could make it a reality. Already living on her own and working long hours, Lorie couldn’t see that far into her own future. She couldn’t see what was possible for herself.

But one of her teachers, a business teacher, saw Lorie’s potential. He pushed her to apply for scholarships – and when Lorie was awarded a full Goodrich scholarship to the University of Nebraska-Omaha, it changed her whole life.

Today, Lorie has a successful career in banking. She’s on the other side now, able to give back, to give money and time to causes she believes in. And what Lorie believes in, simply, is changing lives. The organizations she supports through her Omaha Community Foundation account help people lift themselves up. She likes to donate her time, too, so that she feels connected to charities and knows that they’re making a difference. And she uses her regular statements from the Foundation to evaluate and plan her giving over time.

When that teacher helped Lorie find her way, so many years ago back at North High, he never could have realized how many lives he’d touch.

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