A donation to match your dream.

Elwin and Mary Jane Larson are of one voice in their dream for Omaha’s future. They both believe that Omaha’s young people are its greatest asset. “Education is the most important thing we can do in our community,” Elwin says. “I don’t know how we can invest in Omaha without investing in our youth,” Mary Jane agrees.

After teaching Spanish for 25 years—first at Central High School, then at North High School —Mary Jane is fervently committed to education. She wants Omaha’s talented young professionals to have a reason to “stay in Omaha and endeavor to call Omaha their home.”

Elwin is also involved with Omaha’s youth, especially in mentorship programs for young professionals. He is generous in sharing the life lessons he’s learned during his tenure as executive vice president of HDR. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is that students are hungry for role models. They look to people who have a positive focus on life, they look to people who have been successful in their careers and they want to emulate that.”

So when the Larsons first opened their charitable giving account with Omaha Community Foundation, they were excited to receive a matching 10 percent as a donation to match their donation. It meant they had 10 percent more to give toward educating Omaha youth.

Elwin dreams of an Omaha that “has inspired youth who are inspired by the community to achieve the highest level possible.” And we couldn’t be prouder to match that dream.


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