Darren and Sherri Obrecht

When you want to give back, you know it’s home.

If you ask Darren and Sherri Obrecht, two Iowa natives, Cyclones born and bred, when it was that they started to feel like Omaha was home, truly home. They’ll tell you that it happened about the time they had the first of their three sons.

When you start your family in a city, Sherri says, you’re choosing that place. You’re thinking ahead to all the years you’ll spend here together. “It forces your roots.”

Darren and Sherri’s charitable lives grew with their family. The more their boys got involved in school and sports, the more the Obrechts appreciated all that Omaha has to offer families, the more they wanted to give back. And the less time they had to offer.

After an end-of-the-year discussion in which neither of them could remember exactly where they’d donated or how much, the Obrechts opened a Charitable Checkbook® account with the Omaha Community Foundation.

Now, they make one donation to the Foundation each year – if it makes sense, they donate appreciated stock – and decide how to distribute their charitable gifts when it fits into their schedule. Between T-ball games. And baseball games. And diaper changes. Between board meetings. And bedtime stories. And life.

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