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Mike Cassling is the CEO of Cassling, but he is a learner and a teacher at heart. His entire face breaks into a smile when he talks about how as a high school competitive swimmer, he gave free swimming lessons to underprivileged children. He has a dream for Omaha: that all kids from all socio economic groups receive the same access to great education— especially in the performing arts and academics.

Mike and his family want to give back to the Omaha community that has given them so much since 1984 when Mike’s father, Bob, first founded Cassling. Mike knows he and his family have been fortunate. “My kids have been lucky to be able to see concerts at Qwest and do things at the zoo and the Holland Performing Arts Center. I’d like to see those same opportunities for all kids throughout all of Omaha.”

Our donors value having unbiased, informed counsel they can trust when it comes to their charitable giving; so we weren’t surprised when Mike said that’s what he appreciates most about the Omaha Community Foundation. Then he paused and smiled, “Honestly, it’s the website … it just makes things so quick and easy.” Because Mike has many commitments, he appreciates how the foundation helps him maximize the time and effort he spends on behalf of Omaha’s future.

That’s why they chose Omaha Community Foundation to manage a donor advised fund for their family. This fund allows the family giving to operate like a foundation without the “hassles and headaches” of starting a family foundation. Mike says he doesn’t think they would have opened their account if it hadn’t been for the Omaha Community Foundation. This busy father, CEO, and community volunteer rests easier knowing that their family has someone they trust to manage the legal and administrative aspects of both their family and corporate giving.

When Mike speaks of his passion for education and the ways he’s been able to contribute to education in Omaha, his eyes light up again, “It just makes you feel good.” So while Mike is busy making Omaha better – through swimming lessons, through the arts, through education – we are proud to help. That just makes us feel good.

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