African American Unity Fund

The mission of the African American Unity Fund is to involve more African Americans in philanthropy and to support programs and organizations that improve the quality of life for African Americans in Omaha.

Some possible funding areas may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Arts & Culture (visual arts, arts education, cultural programs)
  • Basic Human Needs (food, shelter, clothing)
  • Community Development (leadership training, neighborhood groups, youth programs)
  • Health & Wellness (medical, dental, mental or behavioral health, nutrition, physical activities)
  • Capacity Building (fundraising, technology or operating expenses)

Eligibility requirements:

  1. Public, tax-exempt organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, OR working with a 501(c)(3) fiscal agent who can receive funds on your behalf
  2. There is no organizational operating budget limit. Organizations of all sizes that fit the other criteria are eligible to apply.
  3. Innovative programs, initiatives, services, or other ideas within the above-stated focus areas that serve African Americans in Omaha, Nebraska.
  4. Applicants from previous years may apply again this year. Those who received grants last year are eligible provided an evaluation report has been submitted on time to the Omaha Community Foundation.
  5. Applicants’ policies and practices must be in alignment with the following non-discrimination clause: the applicant organization does not discriminate in hiring practices or service provision to clients and/or customers based on race, ethnicity, religious preference, age, [mental, emotional, or physical] ability/disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service, or gender.

Apply for a Grant

The 2018 AAUF Grant Cycle is now closed. Funding decisions will be announced in May 2018.

Only responses submitted online via the provided link will be considered during this funding cycle.  Please note:  We’ve just implemented a new online grants platform. You will be prompted to create a new account for your organization if you have not done so previously.

History of African American Unity Fund Grants

African American Unity Fund Application Information

Additional Information

Please note that these requirements, including eligibility of repeat grantees, focus areas, and budget limit, are subject to change annually.

Grants will be provided up to $30,000. Applications that propose collaborative projects among multiple organizations are welcome. Organizations with a significant percentage of African American clients, management, staff, and board members will receive extra consideration by the committee. The committee reserves the right to waive eligibility requirements to make awards to address critical community needs.

Please contact Katrina Adams, Program Associate, at 402-342-3458 with any questions.



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