Let Good Grow Fund

Omaha is getting better all the time. Over $1.5 million has been granted to nonprofits on behalf of our donors. And since 1982, our family of donors has given over $1.8 billion in new gifts to the Omaha Community Foundation. Much has been accomplished, but now we are ready to do more.

Through the combined efforts of our Board of Directors and professionals, we created a strategic plan. This new plan is designed to strengthen Omaha through our work with donors, nonprofits, and the community, seeking to make even greater impact.

To carry out this plan and shape our collective philanthropic future, we need your help. We have created a new fund called Let Good Grow to supplement our operations to ensure that our philanthropic work continues to benefit the Omaha area.

2018 Let Good Grow Programs

Please consider making a gift to the Let Good Grow Fund. With your support, Omaha will be an even greater place as a result of our collective philanthropy.

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