Donor Resources

Give without the guesswork.

At the Omaha Community Foundation, we simplify your charitable giving; that benefit begins as soon as you join. But we also offer our members a more powerful service:

We can help you give with greater impact – and greater confidence.

Our staff members are immersed, every day, in the world of charitable giving, and we’re happy to share that knowledge with our donors. We can help you research a specific issue or nonprofit. We can give you context for larger charitable efforts. We can even help you find other donors who share your goals and interests.

These services are free for all Foundation donors, and we encourage you to use them. They’re part of our larger mission to help our members accomplish more with their gifts.

How can you take advantage of our donor resources?

Our services are flexible, but here are some of the most common ways to call on the Foundation’s help:

  1. We can research a specific nonprofit to provide you with details about its programs, budget, leadership, target population, goals and use of funds.
  2. We can research broad issues and causes to identify nonprofits that share your goals and sensibilities, how they’re working together, what they’ve accomplished so far, where continued need exists and even how other communities are addressing these issues.
  3. We can help you find the right way to give by developing a giving plan that helps you decide how much to give, and how to structure your giving over time.
  4. We can report on areas of need in the local area.  After our grant cycles, we provide you with information about grant requests we received and what specific areas of need are yet to be funded.  We are always happy to tailor our Nonprofit Needs Report to fit your interests.

Gift Acceptance Policies

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