Find the account that fits your charitable style.

Which Omaha Community Foundation account is best for you depends on your charitable goals and giving style. Most of our members choose a Charitable Checkbook account; it’s the simplest and the most flexible. But another account might help you reach specific goals.

Comparing Accounts.


Open this account with as little as $1,000; then make donations to as many as you wish, when you wish. There are no fees or minimum balance. And you can direct grants and keep track of your giving online, much like an online checking account.


This account is useful for larger, long-term giving strategies. It accrues interest over time, and you can name a successor adviser to direct the account after your death. A Donor Advised Fund requires a minimum initial donation of $25,000, and there is a minimal ongoing administration fee.


If you know you want to support a specific organization over time, you can establish a Designated Fund with $10,000 – and plan out that giving. You can also specify that the grants be used a certain way; if your chosen nonprofit radically changes or ceases to exist, our Board of Directors will redirect your gift to another charity that matches your original intent.

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Designated Funds


If you have specific charitable interests – a cause or geographic area that you care about, something that isn’t limited to one organization – you can set up an ongoing Field-of-Interest Fund. You set the parameters for this account, then the Foundation manages annual grants to appropriate nonprofits. The minimum initial donation for a Field of Interest Fund is $100,000.

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Field of Interest Funds

Other ways to give through the Foundation.


Provide ongoing gifts and support to specific charities and causes, even beyond your lifetime.

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Legacy Giving


Make a greater charitable impact by joining forces with other like-minded donors. Giving circles come together to research community needs and nonprofits, then decide together where to donate.

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Giving Circles


This group of donors, an established giving circle, is working to make a difference in our community, inspired by the venture capitalism model of investing. Members makes small personal or employee-assisted donations – then come together to research and select smaller, grassroots non-profit agencies to invest in.

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Omaha Venture Group


If your family or corporation is considering a private foundation, establishing a supporting organization of the Foundation can achieve your philanthropic goals.  A supporting organization is a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) organization with a majority of the Board of Directors appointed by the Omaha Community Foundation and a minority of the Board of Directors appointed by the donor. They also enjoy greater tax advantages and fewer restrictions than a private family foundation.  Through a supporting organization, you’ll also enjoy simplicity. The Foundation’s staff handles all the administrative work, freeing you to focus on your goals.

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Supporting Organization

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