The Omaha Community Foundation has a network of regional affiliates serving the needs of specific geographic areas within Iowa and Nebraska communities. These affiliated communities allow donors to focus their charitable giving in their own communities. Local philanthropic work is guided by people who live and work in each community. For more information about how you can be a part of this, contact Stacey Goodman at (800) 794-3458 or

Brownville Community Foundation

The Brownville Community Foundation was established in 2003 as an affiliate of the Omaha Community Foundation. The fund facilitates the charitable interests of donors that enhance the historical, cultural, environmental, educational, and recreational objectives of the Brownville community.  Decisions about grants from the fund are made by a local advisory board:

  • Joseph Lauber, Chair
  • Dwaine Rogge, CFA, Vice Chair
  • John Lauber, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. David Kaufman
  • Ruth Keene
  • Jane Rohman
  • John Voelker, ESQ
  • Jan Chism Wright

The Brownville Community Foundation’s Grant Program supports historical, cultural, educational, environmental, and recreational objectives of the Brownville community. The objective is to fund projects that will have a permanent impact on, and in, the Brownville Community that people can take advantage of for many years. Grant monies are available after the first of each year until the designated funds for that year have been distributed. Please feel free to contact a Board Member listed above for further details.

Past recipients of grants from the Brownville Community Foundation and Governor Robert W. Furnas Arboretum Endowment Fund include:

  • Brownville Fine Arts Association
  • Brownville Historical Society
  • Brownville Concert Series
  • Brownville Village Theatre
  • Meriwether Lewis Museum of Missouri River History

The Brownville Community Foundation also works with individuals, families and corporations to structure custom charitable funds to align with donors’ interests in Brownville or across the nation. Please contact Stacey Goodman to learn more about the Foundation might assist you in accomplishing your charitable goals.

Brownville Community Foundation Brochure


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